New logo of Twitter: Twitter officially rebranded to X

New logo of Twitter: Twitter officially rebranded to X

Breaking the Internet: Elon Musk Unveils Stunning New Logo of Twitter!”

Twitter’s Blue Bird Takes Flight: Musk Reveals New Epic X Logo!”


The new logo of twitter shows Social Media Supremacy battle is not over yet. Instead, the owners of these companies are aggressively introducing new apps and features. Just recently, when only three weeks had passed since the Threads launch. Already an ultimate battle has begun between Twitter and Threads . Now Twitter’s owner, Elon Musk, surprised his Twitter followers with the news that Twitter is going to change its logo. It’s worth noting that Musk had been eager to change Twitter’s logo for a long time and had mentioned it several times before.


Recently, Twitter’s CEO, Linda Yaccarino, also changed the logo to an X for Twitter, she then posted in a tweet. This change comes after Elon Musk’s acquisition of Twitter in October 2022, marking the most significant transformation in the company’s history. Prior to this, Twitter has undergone various small and large changes, notably the introduction of Twitter Blue service.


Furthermore, recently, Elon Musk imposed some temporary restrictions on Twitter users, stating that verified accounts can read more than 6,000 tweets per day, while unverified accounts are limited to 6,000 tweets per day. However, just two hours later, he hinted at further changes and reduced the limit for unverified accounts to 400 tweets, while increasing the limit for verified accounts to 8,000 tweets. Additionally, new and unverified accounts will only be able to read 400 tweets per day.


Almost an hour or even less time after announcing further changes, the tweet reading limit was further increased to 10,000 for verified accounts, 1,000 for unverified accounts, and 500 tweets per day for new and unverified accounts.


On July 23, 2023, Elon Musk said that we will soon call ourselves “birds of goodwill,” and on July 24, 2023, it will be live-streamed. Along with changing the logo on Twitter, the company has also changed its name on the official account. After this change, Twitter is no longer an independent company; it has become part of a distinct X Corporation. In this regard, Twitter’s executive officer, Linda Yaccarino, mentioned in her tweet that our approach to relationships has changed; now, X is the continuation of this series.


Blue Bird Logo History:

The Twitter Bird, which has been a special identity of Twitter for quite some time, represents the famous basketball star Larry Bird and was used as part of Twitter’s logo to pay tribute to the renowned sports personality. The logo featuring the blue bird was incorporated into the Twitter platform as part of the social media plate to recognize the significance of Larry Bird. The Blue Bird logo was designed by Martin Grasser, who created it in 2012.


Now, the Twitter Bird logo is a thing of the past. It has been replaced with an X.


Headquarters San Francisco Logo Removed: Unveiling the Redefinition of Twitter’s Home Base

Following Elon Musk’s logo change announcement and as the first step, Twitter’s owner updated his logo, and many other prominent businessmen and billionaires also updated their logos in their profiles. Additionally, on July 24, when the new X logo replaced the Twitter Bird on the building in San Francisco, the old Larry Bird logo on the San Francisco building was also removed, necessitating the removal of all the other letters in Twitter one by one, as can be seen in the attached image.



What is “X”

Elon Musk, the owner of Twitter, is on a mission to turn it into a super app, and his latest move is a significant step in that direction. Revealed through a series of tweets, the plan is to transform Twitter into what they call a “global town square.”


According to Twitter’s CEO, Linda Yaccarino, the rebranding of Twitter to “X” will pave the way for a future of boundless interactivity. This exciting vision will revolve around audio, video, messaging, payments, and banking, creating a global marketplace for ideas, goods, services, and opportunities. The driving force behind this ambitious endeavor is AI, which will forge connections among users in ways that we’ve only begun to fathom. It’s a revolutionary concept that holds immense potential for the future.


Adding to the innovation, Elon Musk recently launched xAI, his long-awaited artificial intelligence start-up, signaling his determination to create an alternative to ChatGPT and further augment the capabilities of the “X” platform.


With such groundbreaking developments on the horizon, Twitter’s transformation into the all-encompassing “X” is set to reshape the social media landscape as we know it. Prepare to embark on a journey of limitless possibilities, as this “global town” takes center stage in the world of interactivity and connectivity. The future is here, and it’s embodied in the enigmatic letter “X.” Why Did Elon Musk Choose “X”?

Behold the captivating tale of the “X” logo, which graced the streets of Paris on July 24, 2023, announcing Twitter’s epic rebranding! But why “X,” you may wonder? Well, it seems that this enigmatic letter has an intriguing history in the life of Twitter’s owner, Elon Musk.

It all started back in 1999 when Musk embarked on his entrepreneurial journey and founded a remarkable online financial services startup called Little did he know that this venture would later evolve into the widely recognized PayPal we know today? The letter “X” seemed to hold some mystical allure for Musk, and he continued to weave it into the fabric of his professional and personal life

Musk’s son, with the singer Grimes, is also nicknamed “X.” Elon Musk and Grimes’ first child is named X Æ A-12

As the years rolled by, Musk’s fascination with “X” only grew stronger. He soared to the stars as the CEO of Space Exploration Technologies Corp., affectionately known as SpaceX, where he aimed to conquer the cosmos. But that’s not all – even in his personal life, Musk’s connection to “X” remained apparent. His son, born to the singer Grimes, was lovingly nicknamed “X” – a testament to the letter’s enduring influence.

Now, back to Twitter’s grand transformation! With the announcement of the “X” rebranding, the new logo has captured the world’s attention. The excitement doesn’t end there – the domain, which was once the digital home of Musk’s financial endeavor, now redirects visitors to, signifying a new chapter in the social media giant’s evolution.

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