Who is Seema Haider? Seema and Sachin Thrilling story

Is this India-Pak love story or was ISI setting up a spy?

news who is seema Haider: Seema Haider and Sachin Meena cross boarder love story Starts from PUBG and now this shook the entire Indian media and intelligence .

Seema Haider biography age wiki and Thrilling Story:

Seema Haider is a Pakistani citizen woman. Seema Haider the Pakistani women is about 30 years old. Her full name is Seema Ghulam Haider. 30-year-old Seema is the daughter of Ghulam Raza, a rickshaw driver. She chose a man named Ghulam Haider Jhakrani for her first marriage in 2014 and had obtained permission from her father in February. Seema is also the mother of four children, but all four children are under seven years of age.

Seema Haider has two sisters and a brother who works in the Pakistani army. Seema Haider’s love story begins in 2020, where she fell in love with a boy named Sachin Meena through the video game PUBG Free Battle. Sachin Meena is a resident of Greater Noida Rampura area of UP state of India. Sachin himself was a 22-year-old PUBG player.

Seema and Sachin kept talking through the video game platform. The fire of love between the two grew. Her Husband Sachin meena was aware that Seema was married and the mother of four children. And there is religious extremism between them. But without any kind of care, finally on July 4, 2023, she entered India via Nepal. According to a report, Seema took the first flight from FZ336. And on May 10, 2023, she reached Karachi via Dubai flight from Sharjah.

May 18, she traveled with her four children on flight number G9542. She had also traveled from Karachi on flight number G9543 in March. Pakistani citizen Seema is a Pakistani nationality holder but according to NADRA, Seema has registered her age less. Seema entered Indian territory via Nepal without a visa along with her four children as soon as Indian agencies came into action and arrested her on July 4, 2023.

Remember that. The Indian government issues 10 types of visas but Seema Haider did not have any kind of legal status. Thus a twist comes in the love story. Sachin Meena was also arrested for sheltering non-state and expatriate nationals. Along with this, Sachin’s parents were also questioned. However, they were given relief by the Indian court on July 8th. Laxar Jail Superintendent Arun Pratap Singh said that Seema Sachin Meena and and four children have been released after all the paperwork. Remember that Seema Haider Sachin’s marriage has not been registered in the Indian court yet. From time to time they are taken to an unknown location by ATS for questioning.

Meanwhile, in an interview, Seema requested UP Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath to let her stay in India otherwise there is a threat to her and her children’s lives on returning to Pakistan. Seema Haider had more to say that she would prefer to die with Sachin rather than go to Pakistan. Due to their Hindi accent and dress like an Indian woman, various questions were raised in India and Pakistan. Many social media users declared Seema Haider as an agent of Pakistani agency.

In addition, there are other kinds of suspicions and doubts. Commentators also made various comments. Here there is lot of questions are still pending to answer .IS This a heartwarming India-Pakistan love story or was it a cunning plot by ISI to set up a spy? The tale revolves around Seema Haider, a brave Pakistani woman, and her cross-border love for Sachin Meena, an Indian PUBG player. Amid suspicions and doubts, their fate hangs in the balance, leaving everyone intrigued. The point is whether the Indian government will issue nationality or send Seema Haider back to Pakistan???

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