IIUI Scholarship 2024 – A Complete Guide

When IIUI was founded in 1980, its goal was to serve as Pakistan’s international center for Islamic education. Its goal has been furthered by reorganization throughout the years, and it has benefited from money from Saudi Arabia as well as from within Pakistan. The Higher Education Commission (HEC) has acknowledged IIUI, which is often rated as one of Pakistan’s most esteemed degree-granting establishments. IIUI is pleased to hold a joint second place in Pakistan in the Times Higher Education World University Rankings of 2022, demonstrating its dedication to academic excellence. Stay in touch with Newsynerd to stay informed about the latest developments as they unfold, particularly if staying up-to-date with current events is essential to you.

Numerous undergraduate and graduate programs are available at IIUI in a variety of subject areas, such as law, science, engineering, technology, humanities, religious studies, and the social and natural sciences. The institution fosters students’ comprehension of Islamic values while promoting critical thinking and independent investigation. 

It is a hub for Islamic studies, theology, and contemporary Islamic philosophy. It also offers specialized instruction and training in Islamic law to professionals such as imams, teachers at madrassas, public prosecutors, judges, and preachers of Friday sermons.

IIUI Scholarship: Promoting Access to Education 

IIUI acknowledges the value of financial aid in allowing students to pursue their learning objectives. IIUI provides a number of scholarships to help students with their academic endeavors. These scholarships help students achieve academic success and make valuable contributions to society in addition to relieving their financial burden. The following are some noteworthy scholarship possibilities offered by IIUI:


1. Financial Assistance (Rector Fund for Father’s Death During Studies Only):

This grant is intended especially to help individuals who have experienced father loss while pursuing their education. It offers financial support to enable students to finish their studies in spite of the difficult circumstances. IIUI scholarship makes sure that worthy students can overcome challenges and achieve their academic goals by providing help during periods of emotional and financial hardship.

2. NEST Scholarships for BS (IAA) Program Spring-2023/Fall-2023:

For the BS (IAA) program, the NEST Scholarships will be awarded in the spring and fall of 2023. The purpose of these scholarships is to enable students to pursue undergraduate degrees in Islamic Art and Architecture (IAA). IIUI supports students’ pursuit of their passion in this particular sector by offering financial aid, thereby promoting their development as future leaders and professionals.

3. Undergraduate Scholarship Program for Students of Gilgit Baltistan Academic Year 2023-24 (F23/S24):

IIUI is dedicated to promoting Gilgit Baltistan students’ access to higher education. This scholarship program supports undergraduate students’ study in the region specifically for the 2023–2024 academic year. Through financial aid, IIUI ensures that deserving students from Gilgit Baltistan can attend top-notch universities and helps close the achievement gap. 

Some other scholarships offered by IIUI are:

4. PBM awards for Continuous Awardees (Spring 2024): 

Students who have already been awarded a PBM scholarship are eligible to apply for these awards.

5. Scholarship Foundation Awards for DAE Students: 

Scholarship Foundation Awards for DAE Students

This category of awards is reserved for students who are enrolled in the Diploma of Associate Engineering (DAE) program.

6. Chinese Government Scholarships: 

The Chinese government offers these scholarships, which fully finance qualified students.

The Benazir Employees’ Old-Age Benefits Institution (BEOBI) offers fully funded scholarships for spring and fall 2023 that cover tuition and other costs.

7. Ihsan Trust Loan Program: 

To help worthy students finance their studies, Ihsan Trust provides interest-free loans.

8. Scholarships from the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK) Education Foundation:

These are offered to students in the spring and fall of 2023.

Applying for IIUI Scholarship Program

Eligible students can use their admission login and password to access the IIUI Scholarship Portal and apply for these scholarships. Students can easily and quickly submit their applications through the online application process. It is advised to visit the IIUI Academic Wing to finish the required steps, which include visiting the pertinent areas for verification and fee submission, after submitting the application online. 

The IIUI scholarship application procedure is meant to be easily navigable and user-friendly for students, so that qualified applicants can take advantage of these financial aid opportunities. IIUI’s scholarship programs are a prime example of its dedication to offering top-notch instruction and making itself accessible to worthy students. IIUI makes sure that students from a variety of backgrounds can pursue their academic goals without having to worry about money by providing financial aid. 

These scholarships encourage students to achieve academic excellence and make valuable contributions to society in addition to relieving financial hardship. The breadth and history of IIUI provide witness to its commitment to developing students’ minds, encouraging their own thought processes, character growth, and self-assurance in accordance with Islamic principles and teachings.

With IIUI still influencing Pakistani higher education, its scholarship programs are essential to student empowerment and inclusiveness. IIUI creates the foundation for a better future when compassion, knowledge, and Islamic values come together by funding the education of worthy students.

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