Indian women Anju marries Pak FB friend Nasrullah: A Revival of Seema Sachin’s Epic Story

Indian women Anju marries Pak FB friend Nasrullah: A Revival of Seema Sachin’s Epic Story

An Indian woman, Anju, who had traveled to Pakistan’s Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province, Upper Dhir.

An Indian women Anju, who traveled from India to Pakistan to formalize her relationship with Nasrullah.


Indian women 34 year Anju, who traveled from India to Pakistan to formalize her relationship with 29 year old Nasrullah. In recent times, Cross Border Love Stories have been making waves on social media. One such story is Seema Haider, which began on PUBG and evolved into an epic tale, garnering much curiosity from Indian agencies and media about Seema Haider’s identity. Similarly another news emerged, Indian citizen , who traveled from India to Pakistan to marries her Facebook friend .


Anju is currently residing in Nasrullah’s house in upper Dhir, Khyber Pakhtunkhwaprovince of Pakistan. Her journey to Pakistan was legal, and she obtained a visa for the visit, much to the intrigue of everyone who wonders how she managed to navigate the process and the difficulties she faced.


Their story started on Facebook during the pandemic, and their friendship grew into a strong bond over time. Eventually, they decided to make their relationship official and began the process of obtaining a visa, which took nearly two years due to the complex relations between India and Pakistan. However, their determination paid off, and Anju finally received her Pakistani visa. Nsrullah also clarified that the decision of converting religions, will be entirely her decision, and I will respects her choice.


On July 25, 2023, a dramatic twist occurred when Anju converted to Islam and got married to Nasrullah. She took the name Fatima and stated that her decision was entirely of her own free will. This decision has been documented in the Nikah documents, with Anju expressing her happiness in her new life.


Despite the complexities of their cross-border relationship, Nasrullah clarified that there are no issues with her family and requested that their privacy be respected. Their story has garnered the attention and hospitality of the local community, and Anju is now considered a beloved daughter-in-law of the Pakhtun community. The locals have warmly welcomed her, and the police have ensured her security during her stay.



Her presence in Pakistan has brought immense joy to the region, and the locals are eager to organize a grand reception in her honor. The community is committed to making her stay comfortable and worry-free, and they have showered her with thoughtful gifts and assurances. The local authorities have meticulously examined her visa documents and have ensured that her stay is secure and pleasant.


She got warm hospitality and a heartfelt welcome, making her stay a memorable and cherished experience. Their extraordinary cross-border love story is a testament to the unyielding power of love, determination, and mutual understanding. Despite the daunting challenges posed by the intricate India-Pakistan relationship, their unwavering commitment to each other prevailed, culminating in a heartwarming marriage ceremony in Pakistan.


Her journey to Pakistan was laden with legal complexities and demanded immense patience, but her unwavering resolve bore fruit, and she found herself embraced with love and acceptance by community in upper Dhir. Their warm hospitality made her stay truly unforgettable and filled with cherished memories.


This captivating love saga has touched the hearts of countless people, serving as a poignant example of love’s ability to transcend borders and surmount cultural divides. It also underscores the paramount importance of mutual respect and consent in any relationship.


As their story continues to captivate the media and curious onlookers, both of them humbly appeal for privacy to relish their new life together. Undoubtedly, their tale will serve as a beacon of inspiration, reminding the world of the universal language of love that knows no boundaries.

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