Tik Tok New feature: Takes on Twitter and Instagram with Game-Changing New Feature!

Revolutionizing Social Media: Tik Tok’s New Exciting Text Post Feature Throws Down the Gauntlet, Pitting it Against Twitter and Instagram in an Epic Battle!”

tik tok New feature: Unleash your creativity with text poste on tik tok.


On The day of 24 July 2023 Tik Tok surprised its users with an exciting announcement of new feature just after the 19 days of Threads . The platform is set to unveil a brand new feature that aims to enhance user creativity, providing a fresh and empowering way for both creators and the community to express themselves. Say hello to the latest addition to TikTok’s creative toolkit! Say Hellow toNew Feature!.


what is tik tok?

It is is a highly popular social media platform, enables users to create, share, and explore short-form free tiktok videos. Originally developed as “Douyin” by the Chinese company ByteDance in September 2016 for the Chinese market, the app expanded internationally in 2018 under the name TikTok. Tik-tok app is now available on Apple store and paly store. In 2020, the Indian government banned tik tok ,posed a threat to India’s sovereignty, integrity, defense, security, and public order. The ban on tik tok was implemented by the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology on 29th June 2020, tik-tok ban in 58 other courtiers including India.


What is The new Text post Feature?

Now Tik Tok user Express to new heights with text based content! Whether its Captivating stories, Soul full poems, drool-worthy-recipe .or just thoughts penned down.


How to do create a Tik Tok text post?

A Simple Path to Creations Creating text posts is a breeze. Just head to the Camera page and voilà! You’ll now see three fantastic options:  Photo, video and text, Music Tap on “text,” and you’ll be whisked away to our text creation page, where your creativity can run wild, one word at a time. Make Your Words Come Alive . Text posts to be just as engaging as any video or photo content. That’s why it sprinkled some magic into the Post page! User can add Sound to set the mood, tag a location, and even enable Duets, so you can create together with your fellow wordsmiths!


Features to Elevate Your Text Posts

Tik Tok User in Text post words with these fabulous features:

Stickers: Add a dash of fun and flair to your text with our delightful stickers!


Tags and Hashtags: Connect with others by tagging accounts and riding the waves of trending hashtags!


Background Colors: Paint your canvas with vibrant hues and make your text pop!


Adding Sound: Groove along with your readers as they delve into your brilliant prose!


Draft and Discard: Save your works-in-progress for later editing or bid them farewell with a simple discard. It’s all in your hands!


The masterpieces you’ll create with text posts!  It’s time to unleash your imagination and share your creative spirit with the world.With the new Text Post feature, TikTok users can now express themselves through the power of words. Creating text posts is as easy as ever, with a simple tap on the Camera page leading users to a text creation page where their creativity can flourish one word at a time. TikTok has thoughtfully infused these text posts with various features, including stickers, tags, hashtags, background colors, and even the option to add sound, making them just as engaging as any video or photo content. Users can draft and discard their works-in-progress, providing them with full control over their creative process.


The excitement is palpable as TikTok eagerly awaits the masterpieces its users will create with the new Text Post feature. It’s a call to unleash their imagination, share their creative spirit, and connect with others in new and meaningful ways. The TikTok community is on the verge of witnessing a surge of captivating narratives, poetic brilliance, and inspiring thoughts, all brought to life through the power of text. So, TikTok users, get ready to take your content to new heights with the Text Post feature, as you embark on an artistic journey to express, connect, and inspire. The world is waiting to be captivated by your words. Coming soon.

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